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About CAE

Established in 1991 by Rajesh K. Arya, an MBA from the University of Texas and Sudhir Arya, Council For American Education is the pioneer in professional student counseling. Our mission is to democratize higher education by giving students affordable access to the preparation and information they need to break the barriers to study abroad. We are committed to creating customized courses and programs based on each individual student’s needs. At CAE, we have a philosophy: to work individually with students seeking admission abroad and help them realize their academic ambitions. We have the professional expertise to guide the students correctly through the entire web of the admissions process. We care for our students’ future and careers and the actions of all the members of our organization We care for our students’ future and careers and the actions of all the members of our organization reflect this core value.


We are a full service educational consulting agency, and our mission is to democratize higher education for Indian students, by providing them with affordable access to the best information and test preparation to enable them to navigate the complex admissions process for American Universities.


Our purpose is to establish Council for American Education as the educational consultancy of choice for the test-preparation and advising needs of students wanting to study in the United States. As a team, we are committed to give the best advice we can. We commit to continue to develop and deliver test preparation programs that are effective and generate desired results in the shortest possible time and to provide expert guidance on simplifying and streamlining the complex application and admission process for American universities. Additionally, Council For American Education assists American universities in their student recruitment initiatives and activities in India.

Core Values

To achieve our mission, CAE adheres to the following core values:

Honesty: We are open and transparent with all our students at all times.

Quality: We identify and evaluate our working methodology to continually improve the quality of our work.

Integrity: We will grow the organization by following our tradition of providing the highest level of service to our students.

Value: We provide an outstanding return on our clients' investment by applying the full extent of our experience and expertise to everything we do.