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The SAT is owned by the College Board, a non-profit organization in the USA and is accepted by more than 1400 universities in America. It is used as a tool to gauge the written, verbal and mathematical skills of the candidates.

The SAT takes place between October to June and can be taken multiple times.

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CAE has emerged as the most student-friendly and successful consultancy with a huge number of success stories to be shared. It is committed to guide students and pave an American way for them with its extraordinary services. The work methodology of CAE is laid out prudently, keeping the aspirations and hopes of students in mind. With services like the following, CAE helps students realize their dreams.

Individualized Admissions Counseling

Comprehensive Test Preparation

Extensive Visa Counseling

Guidance for Scholarships and Financial Aid

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Council for American Education was founded by Rajesh K Arya and Sudhir Arya in the year 1991. Ever since its inception, the organization has been shaping the careers of aspiring students as they had dreamt and continues to do the same with utmost conviction. The never ending and dedicated efforts of CAE and its staff has brought the institute to unprecedented heights. The students associated with CAE are living their dream of studying in the U.S.A. Our experience of more than two decades has lent us a framework in which we take special care of our students and deliver results as per their expectations. Professional expertise in student counseling has brought us laurels we aimed for. Our students have bagged scholarships from the most prestigious universities of USA. We are the pioneers in the field of admissions counseling and aim to help our students break all the barriers to study in U.S.A.

New SAT Structure

The new SAT exam structure continues to focus on testing the reasoning skills of the candidate. The blueprint has also emphasized on putting the vocabulary of the candidate to test on a wider ground, which earlier, was tested in some limited contexts.The grounds of testing the comprehension and analytical skills of the students appearing for SAT are:

Evidence based (reading) 52 65
Writing and language 44 35
Math 58 80
Essay (OPTIONAL) 1 50

The essay is an optional aspect that a student may attempt in case his/her desired university takes its score into consideration. A time duration of 50 minutes is given to the student to attempt the essay and its score is given separately. Many universities in the U.S.A. do not take the essay score.

SAT Subject Tests:

SAT subject test is taken to provide an evidence of language proficiency as per the choice of student. Some colleges allow students to choose which tests to take while others specify the Subject test as part of their entrance requirements. The students can take the subject test in more than one language as well.

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SAT Scoring Blueprint

The new SAT scoring blueprint is even more beneficial for the candidates as they will not be penalized for any incorrect answer or guessing. The students will also have a chance to analyze their areas of weakness as the changed SAT score report will be an intensive one. According to the new SAT exam structure, the solution sets will be scored as follows.

Section Scaling Range (400-1600)
Math 200-800
Evidence based reading 200-800
Writing and language 200-800
Essay (Optional) Scaled separately between 2 and 8 points

What major changes were made in the new SAT and are they beneficial?

The basis of testing vocabulary skills and the subjects of mathematics has been changed in the new SAT. The changes are meant to make the test more accessible to all test takers.


sat quick facts method for test preparation

7 times

Months of exam

October to June

Time Duration

3 Hours + 50 minutes (optional)


Math, Evidence based reading, Writin and language, Essay(writing)

Maximum Score/ section


Frequently Asked Questions

When can I take SAT and how many times should I appear for it?

SAT is scheduled seven times in a year from October to June. It is recommended to take the test no more than 3 times.

How long is the exam duration?

The exam durations is 3 hours (+50 minutes for essay, optional)

How is SAT scored?

SAT is scored on a scale running from 400 to 1600. The two major sections - Evidence based reading and Writing and Mathematics are scaled between 200 and 800 while the Essay is scored separately since it is subjective.

Is it mandatory to write essay in the exam?

Attempting to write the essay is optional and depends on the pre-requisites of the university you are applying for.

What major changes were made in the new SAT and are they beneficial?

The basis of testing vocabulary skills and the subjects of mathematics has been changed in the new SAT. Also, it will have a composite score going forward (including that of the essay, if given).

Is the new SAT scoring blueprint beneficial?

The new SAT scoring pattern is highly beneficial for students as it does not penalize candidates for wrong answers and offers a comprehensive score report which can help students identify their areas of weaknesses.

How soon do I need to register for SAT?

You need to register for SAT at least 4-5 weeks before the date of exam.

Is it mandatory to take SAT-II?

It is not necessary to take SAT-II. It depends on the university and course you’re applying for.

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CAE’s staff are the leading admissions counselors in the field, guiding students through the complex admissions procedure with ease. CAE works dedicatedly to simplify the admission procedure for its students. From application to admission to thetop Universities of U.S.A and Canada, CAE mentors its students at every step of the way.

CAE offers the best and most helpful test preparation services for standardized exams like

  • SAT
  • GMAT
  • GRE

CAE is well equipped with the latest technology and knowledgeable faculty. It not only polishes a student’s skill to perform well in the exam but also guides students in admissions to American and Canadian universities while preparing for these exams.

CAE is a certified testing center for ETS exams, i.e. GRE and TOEFL. CAE also conducts the ACT test. It is equipped with latest technology and meets all the necessary technical specification. The center also meets all the other requirements for the test, as administered by the personnel responsible for monitoring the same.

Meritorious students have an opportunity to get scholarships from top US universities based on their excellent academic achievements. The amount of scholarship varies from level of study as well as program type. CAE students have bagged up to 100% scholarships from top universities in U.S.A and Canada.

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