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Take the step forward towards your American or Canadian future with the highly efficient and best in industry educational counsellor, Council for American Education. From personalized aptitude testing & counselling to university selection, application submission and visa guidance, CAE is the one stop destination for your admission in USA or Canada.

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U.S.A or Canada?

Depending on the set of skills you possess and field you wish to specialize in, our specialized members will guide you through the selection of program and university. Council for American Education’s members are zealous and devoted to pick just the right university to actualize your desired results.

CAE’s students have got into universities like The Wharton School of Business, Tuck School of Business, Columbia Business School, Yale School of management in the U.S.A and Queens University, University of Alberta in Canada. With increasing number of successful students studying in the U.S.A or Canada, CAE has become a leading counsel for admissions.

With CAE, get a chance to know, scan and spot the most suitable college/university among more than 3000 universities in U.S.A and 98 universities in Canada for yourself.

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CAE offers the best student profiling, standardized test preparation, college/university selection, application preparation &submission, interview &visa guidance as well as post acceptance and admission guidance.

CAE has emerged as the most student-friendly and successful consultancy with a huge number of success stories to be shared. It is committed to guide students and pave an American way for them with its extraordinary services. The work methodology of CAE is laid out prudently, keeping the aspirations and hopes of students in mind. With services like the following, CAE helps students realize their dreams.

Individualized Admissions Counseling

Comprehensive Test Preparation

Extensive Visa Counseling

Guidance for Scholarships and Financial Aid

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Success story of CAE

Council for American Education was founded by Rajesh K Arya and Sudhir Arya in the year 1991. Ever since its inception, the organization has been shaping the careers of aspiring students as they had dreamt and continues to do the same with utmost conviction. The never ending and dedicated efforts of CAE and its staff has brought the institute to unprecedented heights. The students associated with CAE are living their dream of studying in the U.S.A. Our experience of more than two decades has lent us a framework in which we take special care of our students and deliver results as per their expectations. Professional expertise in student counseling has brought us laurels we aimed for. Our students have bagged scholarships from the most prestigious universities of USA. We are the pioneers in the field of admissions counseling and aim to help our students break all the barriers to study in U.S.A.


USA has been the top choice of aspiring students who wish to take up a career with its foundation laying on quality education and renowned universities/colleges. Students can choose from more than 3000 universities in the USA offering under graduate and post graduate programs. Studying abroad, especially in the United States of America can seem to be a difficult job at first, but with CAE by side, one can be sure of the finest services bringing success. USA has set high education standards and emerged as a global professional platform extending numerous opportunities for students to grow academically and professionally.

CAE’s students have a glorious history of securing admissions to top Ivy League Universities and various others like Washington College, California State University, Mercer University, etc.


Having attained unmatchable recognition, Canadian universities propose highly reputed and professional academic programs to students all over the world. The set standards of admissions in these programs make it competitive while this hurdle is resolved with CAE’s extensive standardized test preparation classes. Though there are innumerable universities to choose from, 13 Canadian universities have been ranked in the top universities around the world which adds on to the value of studying in Canada. Out of these 13 best universities, three are amongst top 50. Universities in Canada shape future on an intellectual, economic as well as social front. We have dealt with top universities like University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, George Brown College and Kings University College while our apprentices secured admission to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be able to choose the best university for myself?

You can pick the university to apply to on the basis of the aptitude test result, your choice of specialization and other priorities.

What types of programs are available?

There are two types of programs available i.e. undergraduate program (followed post high school completion for an associate or bachelors degree) and graduate program ( followed post bachelors degree for a masters degree or specialization diploma).

Can I apply for a combined (bachelors+masters) degree?

Yes, you may apply for the same in form of a joint degree that is attained after a four year program.

Do I need to appear for English proficiency exam?

Yes, you will have to take an english proficiency exam if you wish to pursue education in USA or Canada.

Universities Our Student's Got Selected Into

Other Services

CAE’s staff are the leading admissions counselors in the field, guiding students through the complex admissions procedure with ease. CAE works dedicatedly to simplify the admission procedure for its students. From application to admission to thetop Universities of U.S.A and Canada, CAE mentors its students at every step of the way.

CAE offers the best and most helpful test preparation services for standardized exams like

  • SAT
  • GMAT
  • GRE

CAE is well equipped with the latest technology and highly knowledgeable faculty. It not only polishes a student’s skill to perform well in the exam but also guides them with the admissions process to American and Canadian universities while preparing for these exams.

CAE is a certified testing center for ETS exams, i.e. GRE and TOEFL. CAE also conducts the ACT test. It is equipped with the latest facilities and meets all the necessary technical specifications required for the tests and as administered by the personnel responsible for monitoring the same.

Meritorious students have an opportunity to get scholarships from top US universities based on their excellent academic achievements. The amount of scholarship varies from level of study as well as program type. CAE students have bagged up to 100% scholarships from top universities in U.S.A and Canada.

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