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Apoorva Sharan

MS(Biotechnology), Northwestern/Johns Hopkins

"The most difficult and complex part about applying to universities is the uncertainty of whether you can get into a good college. Council For American Education?s expert advise on proper selection of universiti" Read More..

Kanika Khanna

MS (Industrial Engg), MIT/UMich/Georgia Tech

"CAE actually cares about their students and wants them to be fully prepared for college in the US. They pay a lot of attention to each student that takes any of their programs: be it TOEFL prep, GRE prep or the" Read More..

Kartikey Yadav

MBA, Duke University

"CAE helped me complete the application packets for a number of highly ranked MBA programs in the United States. My entire application process was completed within a record period of four weeks! I received accep" Read More..

Nishant Malhotra

LLM, NorthwesternUniveristy

"The one word that I would use that describe the way that CAE helped me with my applications would be: simplification. The labyrinthian expanse of regulations and red tape that surrounds the prospect of applying" Read More..

Radha Khera


"Choosing from a plethora of LLM programs was a highly overwhelming task. They patiently answered all my queries to my satisfaction. Counselors at CAE not only chose highly reputed programs program for me but al" Read More..

Radhika Chugh

PhD, NYU/Tuft

"The counsellors at CAE have a very deep knowledge about the programs that are offered by Universities in the United States and Canada. I was planning to apply for a Master?s degree in Economics but I was told b" Read More..

Rahul Saxena

MS Civil Engg., Stanford/Cornell

"I used CAE?s University Placement Service and their excellent track record and satisfaction of previous students who have worked with them was all that I need to convince me of my choice. The staff takes great " Read More..

Sangya Agarwal

MS (Biotechnology), UPenn/Northwestern

"If ever one wants to apply for higher education abroad, particularly the United States of America, one only needs to visit the office of Council For American Education. It is an organization of rare versatility" Read More..

Varun Mohan

MS in Materials Engineering

"I was referred to CAE by a friend who had gone to the US through them for his undergraduate studies. When I began to research Master?s programs in Materials Engineering in Universities in the US, I was told by " Read More..