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Aditya Somani

BS Electrical Engg, Carnegie Mellon University

"I think that CAE did an excellent job in handling my applications and providing me proper counselling while applying to US colleges. In India, there is a tendency to not look beyond the few ?brand name? institu" Read More..

Anadya Gujral


"I initially started applying to universities in the United States on my own. However, I soon realized that I needed professional help in selecting the most appropriate universities among a maze of them. Enrolli" Read More..

Ananya Handa

BBA, USC/U of Texas

"One of the best investments I have made so far in life was to enroll for Council for American Education?s University Placement Service (CAE-UPS). The counselors at CAE helped me complete the application packets" Read More..

Avni Gupta

BBA, Babson/USC/U

"Council For American Education (CAE) offered me highly professional advice on university application process and final selection. They gently guided me towards my academic goals and provided me with intelligent" Read More..

Dhruv Mehta

BBA, U of Toronto

"I like CAE because they are very easy to work with. They are professional, friendly and always ready to help in any situation that comes up while going through the entire application process. I got admission in" Read More..

Rahul Sharma

BBA, Emory/UMich/Carnegie Mellon

"For all those people who are deciding to applying to the US for their higher studies, I have this one thing to say: why deal with the hassle, when you can have a professional take care of it for you. The number" Read More..

Sahil Suhag

BS (Computer Science), Georgia Tech/UIUC

"CAE?s counselors are dedicated professionals committed to their job of helping students like me in securing admission at distinguished universities in the United States of America. My dream of pursuing an under" Read More..

Shashwat Gupta

BS (MechEngg), UIUC

"Exuberant, thoughtful and with profound knowledge, the people at CAE play the all important role of counselors to our young student community. In my case, CAE?s total dedicated approach ensured and secured admi" Read More..

Shiven Bhatia

BUMich/Georgia Tech/UIUC

"What I really liked about counselors at Council For American Education is the individual attention that they accorded me. Their unique approach of individual counseling is a refreshing change in the field of ed" Read More..

Shreshth Singhal

BS (Computer Engg.), Princeton University

"Thank you for truly accurate information and guidance and personalized assistance in preparing my admission applications. Getting into Princeton University and the University of Michigan was a dream come true. " Read More..

Shreya Ghosh

BBA, Northwestern/Georgetown

"I would describe my association with CAE an overwhelmingly positive experience. The application packets that I ended up sending to the colleges of my choices were exceptionally well put together and I ended up " Read More..

Siddharth Jain

BS (Computer Science), UT-Austin/UIUC/Georgia Tech

"The guidance and counselling that CAE provides is unique because of its very personal nature. All the way from SAT preparation, to applying to colleges, to the visa interview process, they are with you, through" Read More..

Utkarsh Bansal

BS Industrial Engg, UC Berekeley

"Before meeting the counselors at Council For American Education, I always felt that applying to universities in the United States would be a simple task of researching the universities on the internet and submi" Read More..

Utsav Lall

BBA, UIUC/Indiana Bloomington

"When I started thinking about going to the US for my higher education, the prospect of applying for colleges in the US was very daunting. The US system is very unlike the Indian system and understanding the req" Read More..

Sunny Gakhar

BS (Computer Science), UMich/UIUC/Georgia Tech

"I trust Council For American Education 100% for their expertise in helping students secure admission in top universities in the United States. My two elder brothers also secured admission through CAE and pursue" Read More..