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Visa Counseling

You’ve been accepted at the university of your choice. You’re thinking about the courses you’ll take, the people you’ll meet, and the exciting things you’ll do......and then your heart sinks when you hear your friends describe the complexities of getting a student visa.

Every student who wants to pursue full time studies in an American institution needs a SEVIS compliant F-1 visa. The F-1 student visa is used primarily for full-time study at a school or college in the U. S. Students are admitted for duration of status, which is the period of time needed to complete the degree program. The International Student Advisor (also known as the DSO, or Designated School Official) at the school prepares Form I-20 for the student to apply for a visa at a U.S. consulate abroad and sends it to the students.

The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) has been put into use to monitor the status of persons who enter the U.S. with an F, M or J visa. SEVIS is an internet-based system owned by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services, U.S.A. that maintains current information on non-immigrant students (F-1, M-1) and their dependents (F-2, M-2), as well as exchange student and scholars (J-1) and their dependents (J-2). In order for students/exchange visitors and their dependents to qualify for an F,M or J visa, the schools or exchange program in the U.S. must issue a Certificate of Student Status (I-20) or Certificate of Exchange Visitor Status (DS-2019) on a SEVIS generated form and must register each person on the SEVIS website. Each applicant must submit a SEVIS-generated I-20 with a unique barcode number and must be listed on the SEVIS website. After receiving an I-20 from the University a student wishes to join, he/she should deposit the visa fee at the designated Bank, schedule an appointment for visa and finger printing by filling up an online visa form and also pay the SEVIS fee, online.


The complexities involved in securing a student visa can give you sleepless nights. What if, after securing admission and dreaming about your future, you can’t get a visa! But do not worry. Fortunately, Council For American Education has expert counselors who can throughly advise you on all aspects of obtaining a student visa. Getting a visa is not a matter of chance. One needs to prepare the visa application meticulously. One also needs to prepare for the interview. Over the past twenty three years, counselors at CAE have advised thousands of students on visa formalities and have helped them secure a student visa to pursue their academic ambitions in the United States. Although the last hurdle is the most difficult to overcome, the experienced counselors at CAE can make it easy for you. Do not take a chance with your future in question. Place yourself in our capable hands and be sure of success.